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Fast, Accurate, Reliable Eye Tracking

EyeLink 1000 Plus - 2000 Hz Camera Upgrade

Key Features

bulletEnables up to 2000 Hz monocular high-speed sampling rate
bulletEnables up to 1000 Hz binocular sampling rate
bulletAccess eye position data with <1.7 msec delay
bulletWorks with every EyeLink 1000 Plus mount

The 2000 Hz camera upgrade allows the EyeLink 1000 Plus camera to sample eye movements at 2000 Hz monocular or 1000 Hz binocular, making it the fastest eye-tracking camera in the world.

The 2000 Hz upgrade provides the fastest possible eye position access, and is therefore ideal when the system is being used for gaze-contingent display manipulations.

The following figure shows a 1000 Hz binocular recording of X, Y eye traces in a sinusoidal smooth pursuit task.

binocular 1000 Hz eye traces