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SR Research Announces the EyeLink 1000 Plus:
Outstanding Technical Specifications and Flexibility

Mississauga, Ontario, August 10th, 2013

The lowest noise of any video-based eye tracker

After two years of intense development, we are pleased to offer a new replacement for our highly regarded EyeLink 1000 eye tracking system, the EyeLink 1000 Plus. The 1000 Plus has all the great features of its predecessor and pushes the world's technological boundaries in eye tracking even further. The 1000 Plus has low spatial noise levels in remote and head-supported recording modes that surpass even the already world-record setting EyeLink 1000.

For the end-user, the EyeLink 1000 Plus is highly portable (with a Laptop option available) and has new modes of operation (e.g., including a high-speed 500 Hz Binocular Remote Mode). Additionally, the same camera supports eye tracking in the behavioral lab and with the addition of a fiber-optic Camera Head, can be used to track eye movements in sensitive environments like MEG and MRI.

The EyeLink 1000 Plus continues to operate at up to 2000 Hz monocularly or 1000 Hz binocularly with the head stabilized, including in MEG and MRI. With the Remote Camera Upgrade the system can operate as a high-speed "remote" eye tracker with the head free-to-move, again with low noise and an even bigger area of participant movement for restless subjects like toddlers.

A redesigned camera and Host PC

At the heart of the 1000 Plus is an updated core - the EyeLink Host PC and Camera. While the Host PC has moved to a new multitasking real-time operating system, the camera has new sensor technology and now communicates with the Host PC by Ethernet. The implications of these technological changes are greater portability and new eye-tracking features both now and into the future. A Binocular Remote Mode will be one of the first new modes of use for this system with low noise and a fast 500 Hz sampling rate.

The EyeLink 1000 Plus is backwards compatible with the EyeLink 1000 mounts and software. Existing users can continue to collect data using paradigms prepared for earlier EyeLink systems and the new camera can be used in existing hardware. The 1000 Plus initially has five different mounting options, each affording unique data collection properties:
  • the Desktop Mount for tracking typical users looking at a computer screen, or any large contiguous area,
  • the LCD Arm Mount for bringing the eye tracker into position in front of the subject - e.g., tracking infants, toddlers and patient work,
  • the Tower Mount for reaching studies,
  • the Primate Mount for non-human primate tracking, and
  • Long Range Mounts a number of different mounts for MEG and MRI systems.

The most flexible eye tracking system available

The EyeLink 1000 Plus is already the world's most flexible eye-tracking system with more modes of use and unique application scenarios than any competitor. Nonetheless, new mounts and modes of use are planned and will be announced as they become available. This development trend continues to push the boundaries in flexibility, allowing a single eye tracking system for many different purposes and in many different ways, minimizing the need to buy multiple eye trackers for each application. SR Research is also busy adding expanded capabilities to its software... stay tuned to these pages for new announcements or sign up for the SR Research newsletter to get product release and update information first.