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SR Research: Fast, Accurate and Reliable

Ottawa, Ontario, June 26, 2017

For nearly a quarter of a century SR-Research has helped fuel scientific advances by supplying researchers with cutting edge EyeLink eye-tracking technology. Today, in this world of rapid technological change, researchers continue to turn to SR Research for fast, accurate and reliable video-based eye-tracking solutions.

Recent events in the eye-tracking marketplace have caused understandable concern amongst the scientific eye tracking community. Departures of some manufacturers from the research market, and failures by other manufacturers to deliver promised products has been disruptive, and delayed research programs. In these worrying times, SR-Research would like to reassure researchers that we will continue to focus, as we always have, on exclusively serving the scientific eye tracking community, providing the world’s highest-performing fast, reliable and accurate eye tracking hardware, backed up by powerful and intuitive software, and exceptionally high levels of expertise and support.

As always, SR Research will continue to announce products, capabilities and functionality only when we are ready to deliver them, with known, proven and trustable technical specifications. In the past years we have continued to expand in engineering, programming and support staff, hiring from academia so that our employees know what our users want, and can respond rapidly and expertly to their needs. With software upgrades coming soon (soon-to-be released and free to existing users) and new hardware configurations recently announced, we will  continue to earn and keep our customers’ well placed trust. Our promise remains as it always was - to provide fast, accurate and reliable eye-tracking.

Thanking you for your continued support,
The SR Research Team