Support Team

All EyeLink systems come with a lifetime of free technical support, provided by a dedicated Support Team that spans multiple continents. The Support Team is staffed by former university faculty and Ph.D. graduates with unparalleled expertise in eye-tracking research and outstanding technical knowledge of EyeLink hardware and software. Our Support Team is at the heart of SR Research and is committed to helping EyeLink users carry out and publish cutting edge eye-tracking research. You can interact with the Support Team via the Support Forum or contact us directly by email or phone.

Support Forum

Register with our Support Forum to gain access to a wealth of useful information and resources – everything from Tutorial Videos explaining how to set up your EyeLink system and use our software, through Webinars, FAQs, the latest software releases, Getting Started Guides, System and Software Manuals, hundreds of Experiment Builder templates and much much more.


Download Experiment Builder and Data Viewer

Both Experiment Builder and Data Viewer can be downloaded from the Support Forum. You can use the links below, but you will need to register with the forum if you haven’t already.