FAQ: What does "Error: Could not connect to tracker at" mean?
The Error "Could not connect to tracker at" means that the Display PC cannot establish a connection to the Host PC via the ethernet link.

Please check the following:
  • Is the Host PC turned on and running the EyeLink Host Software?
  • Unplug and replug firmly both ends of the ethernet cable connecting the Display PC and Host PC
  • If your EyeLink Host PC is a desktop computer, check that the ethernet cable is plugged into the correct port on the Host PC
  • Check the IP address used on the Display PC (the IPv4 IP address) for the Ethernet port that is being used to connect to the Host PC?
  • The IP address of the Display PC should be set to "" and the Subnet Mask should be set to “” while leaving all other fields blank.
These are the most common problems. If these don't work, please try the How do I configure my network to connect to the EyeLink Host? FAQ for more detailed troubleshooting tips.

If those steps still do not resolve the problem please email support@sr-research.com.