FAQ: What does "Error: Could not initialize display to…." mean?
This error typically occurs when the Display PC's monitor or graphics card does not support the screen resolution and / or the refresh rate that is specified in the Display settings of Experiment Builder. When an Experiment Builder project runs, it will temporarily set the resolution and refresh rate of the Display PC's monitor based on the values specified in the Width, Height, and Refresh Rate properties of the Display device. This error will occur if Experiment Builder cannot apply the specific settings. Please double check that the display PC's hardware (graphics card, monitor, etc...) supports the display resolution and refresh rate defined in the experiment.

In general, this error can be fixed by making sure you have downloaded and installed the most recent drivers for your specific monitor, and ensuring that the resolution and refresh rate properties in the Display section of the Devices Tab of the Structure Panel are set to a resolution and refresh rate that your monitor actually supports.


For testing and debugging where the timing accuracy and / or placement of screen resources does not need to be precise, enabling "Use Current Video Mode" in the Display section of the Devices tab allows Experiment Builder to run the experiment with the Display PC's current resolution and refresh rate. However is strongly recommended that this be disabled prior to deploying the experiment for actual data collection.