FAQ: What does "Error: Could not initialize ASIO system" mean?
This error indicates that the ASIO option was selected as the Audio driver, but no configured ASIO compatible hardware was identified on the Display PC. This is either due to not having an ASIO compatible device attached to the Display PC or that the attached device was not properly configured to communicate with Experiment Builder. If the Display PC does not have an ASIO compatible card installed, please change the Audio driver property to DirectX (Device tab in Structure Panel -> Audio).


To configure a supported ASIO compatible audio card with Experiment Builder please see How do I synchronize audio within my experiment?.

The Configure ASIO utility included with Experiment Builder (C:\Program Files (x86)\SR Research\Experiment Builder\ebasio.exe), will also allow for changes to the input and output setting as well as testing of playback and recording of audio prior to deploying the project.