FAQ: How can I move nodes from one experiment to another?
Nodes (including entire sequences) and connections can be copied and pasted from one experiment to another. Simply, highlight the sequence / node(s) that need to be moved and copy and paste them to the desired location in another open Experiment Builder project.

Alternatively,  nodes can be exported as a EBO file which can be saved and then imported into a different project. To save a node as an EBO file, select the node(s), right click and choose Export Node. The saved EBO file can be imported by right clicking on the desired import location and selecting Import Node, or simply by dragging and dropping the EBO file into the desired location of another Experiment Builder project. After importing the EBO into a new project, please double check that any values that depend on a reference are still properly referenced within each moved node's property. Any incorrect value will be highlighted in red text and display "Invalid Reference...".

If you are exporting a sequence node that contains a data source that references resources stored in your library, you will be prompted as to whether these resources should also be exported. 


If you are exporting sequences that contain nodes which reference resources or variables outside the sequence being exported, Experiment Builder will remove those references from the exported nodes, and provide a warning.