FAQ: If I program my experiment in Windows, will it work with on a Mac or vice versa?
It is very ease to transfer experiments between Windows and Mac, however there are a few caveats to consider:
  • Once an experiment is completed in one operating system, simply package the experiment (File menu -> Package). This will create a single EBZ file that can be transferred to a different Display PC. Once the EBZ file is on the local drive of the new Display PC either double click the EBZ file or go to Experiment Builder to unpackage the experiment (File menu -> Unpackage). 

  • Prior to deploying the experiment double check that the new Display PC supports both the display resolution and refresh rate of the current experiment. Additionally, if the project is transferred from Mac to Windows the Audio Driver of the project will default DirectX. We recommend that if the experiment requires precise timing to use a ASIO compatible Windows Display PC and that the Audio Driver is set to ASIO.

    See "How do I synchronize audio within my experiment?" to properly install ASIO Driver.