FAQ: How can I implement different Data Sources in a between-groups design?
There are two ways to implement different Data Sources in a between-groups experiment design:
  1. Use a Splitting Column: 

    Trials can be split using the Splitting Column option in the Randomization Settings of the Data Source. The image below shows the Data Source columns from the Picture Response example from the Experiment Builder Video Tutorial Series:


    When the project runs a prompt will ask the experimenter to select which List value to use for the current participant, and only Data Source rows with that List value will be run during the experiment.


  2. Import different Data Sets:

    Alternatively, if you enable the "Prompt for Data Set" TRIAL sequence property, Experiment Builder will prompt the experimenter to load a specific data set when the experiment is run. Only trials contained in the loaded Data Set file will be run. Data Set files can be generated using a program like Microsoft Excel and then saved as a tab-delimited TXT file.

    Note, that the Data Source in Experiment Builder must have a "master" list of all possible values contained in each Data Set.