FAQ: Why is my license key not recognized or it says that it has expired?
Experiment Builder can be licensed either via a network-based license key, a physical USB Hasp key, or an one-time product key*.
When using a USB license key, please make sure the license key is plugged into the PC prior to launching Experiment Builder.

If Experiment Builder launches into Demo Mode despite the fact that the USB license key is plugged in or the product key is installed, please try and install the latest HASP runtime driver.

Once the Hasp driver is installed, please open the SR Research License Manager app:
  • Mac                 /Applications/Experiment Builder/LicenseManager.app
  • Windows       Start menu -> SR Research -> License Manager
The License Manager will list the license status and expiration dates of those licenses present on the USB license key or associated with the currently install software product key. Please verify that it says "YES" next to Experiment Builder.


When using a network license key please make sure that network licenses is enabled in the License Manager by going to the File menu -> Enable Net Key.

If issues still persist, please take photos of the front and back of the license key and a screenshot of the License Manager screen and send it to support@sr-research.com.

* If you do not currently own a license and would like to purchase one you can here: Buy Software Licenses