FAQ: What is the ideal configuration EyeLink 1000 / EyeLink 1000 Plus Desktop mount?
Ideally, the Desktop mount should be placed between 50-70 cm from the participant's eyes and be centrally aligned with the Display monitor from the participant's perspective. When using a wide screen monitor, the monitor will need to be sufficiently far away from the participant that it fits within the trackable range of the system. As a rule of thumb the monitor will need to be at a distance at least 1.75 times its width (so a 40 cm wide monitor would need to be at least 70 cm away). As widescreen monitors are typically around 50 cm wide, they will need to be placed at least 90 cm away from the participant. This means that, in order for the camera to be placed correctly (50-70 cm from the participant's eyes) it will need to be brought forward from the monitor 20-30 cm.

The top of the EyeLink camera and illuminator should also be as high as possible in the participant's field of view without obstructing any part of the display. Sit yourself where the participant will be seated, at the correct height (eyes aligned with top 25% of screen). Look at the bottom of the monitor. If you see a gap between the bottom of the monitor and the top of the camera, then the camera is too low.

EyeLink 1000 Plus


EyeLink 1000


Further details can be found in the installation guide for each of the EyeLink systems: