Template: Collecting Participant Information
Required Experiment Builder Version: 1.4.624 or higher
EyeLink Required: Yes
Type: Concept Example
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This example illustrates:
  • How to use of basic Conditional nodes to keyboard inputs
  • How to use the Key property on Keyboard nodes to restrict the type of keyboard presses accepted
  • How to collect multiple keyboard presses and updating text on Display Screen (see DISPLAY_L1_Other)

This example illustrates to how to collect participant information (handedness, gender, age, and native language) at the beginning of the experiment.

To make use of the some of the nodes from this example, you may import the exported nodes into your own experiment. Two versions of exported graph are available: BACKGROUND_INFO_CENTER_LOCATION.ebo for a project with the location type (Edit menu -> Preferences -> Screen) set to "Center Position" and BACKGROUND_INFO_TOPLEFT_LOCATION.ebz for a project with the location type set to "Topleft Position".

To report the participant information to Data Viewer, simply add the new variables AGE, HANDEDNESS, GENDER, and L1 to the "EyeLink DV Variable" property of the topmost experiment node. To report this to a result file, simply add them to the "Columns" of the RESULT_FILE node.

  1. Download the Subject_Info.ebz example.
  2. Launch the Experiment Builder application.
  3. Unpack the Subject_Info.ebz file to a location on your Experiment Builder PC with "File menu -> Unpack".
  4. Open the project in Experiment Builder.
  5. Deploy the project to a new folder.
  6. Run the Subject_Info.exe from the deployed directory.

.ebz   Subject_Info.ebz (Size: 61.11 KB / Downloads: 123)

.zip   exportedNodes.zip (Size: 38.59 KB / Downloads: 34)