Template: Getting Participant Responses from Sliding Scale Survey Questions
Getting Participant Responses from Sliding Scale Survey Questions

Required Experiment Builder Version: 2.3.38 or higher
EyeLink Required: Yes
Type: Complete Example
Difficulty Level: Easy

This example illustrates:
  • How to use Mouse trigger node to set the sliding scale
  • How to use Conditional nodes and Update Attribute nodes to check that the mouse input is within the left and right slider limits and update slider

This example illustrates how to use a scale with a sliding line on it to collect participants' responses from things like survey questions. The scale involved is a horizontal line with three descriptor terms on it -- one on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right. For example, the left-most descriptor on the scale may say Unacceptable, the middle descriptor may say Don't Know, and the right-most descriptor may say Great. The scale has a slider line on it. The user clicks and drags the mouse anywhere on the screen to start dragging the slider line horizontally. The line will not go off the left end or the right end of the scale (mouse dragging beyond the extremes will position the slider at the extremes). After the slider line is properly placed the participant releases the mouse button to drop the line in place. The user can also simply click on the proper position on the scale to move the slider line into place. Then, to register the response, the participant clicks on a Continue box at the bottom of the screen. Responses are recorded to the EDF file and to a RESULTS_FILE node.

**Additional detailed information about the project is given in the notes section for most nodes. To see notes for a given node, either mouse over that node or click on it to display the notes window. If the notes window is not visible, go to the "View" drop down menu in Experiment Builder, select "Properties", and check "Note".

  1. Download the SlidingScaledResponse.ebz example from this message.
  2. Launch the Experiment Builder application.
  3. Unpack the SlidingScaledResponse.ebz file to a location on your Experiment Builder PC with "File menu -> Unpack".
  4. Open the project in Experiment Builder.
  5. Deploy the project to a new folder.
  6. Run the SlidingScaledResponse.exe from the deployed directory.

.ebz   SlidingScaledResponse.ebz (Size: 82.29 KB / Downloads: 114)