FAQ: Why do I see "WARNING: Disk space for data files is low..." when booting the Host PC?
This warning indicates that the EyeLink partition on the Host PC is full and there is no room to record new data.

For the EyeLink II and EyeLink 1000:
  1. Reboot the computer and select the Windows partition when prompted.
  2. Navigate to the EyeLink Drive (typically E:/ or D:/) and backup all of the EDF files to the desktop.
  3. Remove all the EDF files from the EyeLink Drive.
  4. Reboot the Host PC and enter the EyeLink partition.
For the EyeLink 1000 Plus and EyeLink Portable Duo:
  1. Enter the File Manager (press CRTL+ALT+Q or Exit EyeLink).
  2. Copy the contents to the /ELCL/DATA/ folder to a USB drive
  3. Remove the originals from the drive to clear space.

  • Use the dedicated ethernet link to perform the clean up. With the Host PC booted into the File Manager, go to a browser on the Display PC and enter into the address bar. This will access the File Manager web interface. Then, simply download all the files from the /ELCL/Data/ folder to free up space. Once finished, manually delete those files via the web interface and restart the tracker.