Template: Prosaccade and Antisaccade Paradigm
Prosaccade and Antisaccade Paradigm

Required Experiment Builder Version: 1.4.624 or higher
EyeLink Required: No
Type: Complete Example
Difficulty Level: Easy

This example illustrates:
  • How to use Randomization Setting to shuffled trials based on the "direction" column in Data Source
  • How to Implement a Drift Check every 8th trials (i.e. 1st, 9th, 17th, etc...) by using the CHECK_TRIAL_INDEX conditional node
  • How to use EyeLink Command nodes to draw correct and incorrect filled boxes to the Host PC Display

This example runs the prosaccade and antisaccade paradigm. Options include drawing the place holders, random duration of the initial fixation, and gap manipulation before the target presentation.

  1. Download the AntiSaccade.ebz example from this message.
  2. Launch the Experiment Builder application.
  3. Unpack the AntiSaccade.ebz file to a location on your Experiment Builder PC with "File menu -> Unpack".
  4. Open the project in Experiment Builder.
  5. Deploy the project to a new folder.
  6. Run the AntiSaccade.exe from the deployed directory.

.ebz   AntiSaccade.ebz (Size: 37.79 KB / Downloads: 132)