FAQ: I changed my monitor / physical configuration - How do I update the Host PC?
If the Display monitor or the physical configuration is changed, the PHYSICAL.INI file / Screen Configuration Settings on the Host PC will need to be changed to reflect the display area of the Display monitor and the eye-to-screen distance. If these settings are not changed to reflect the current physical setup, the recorded gaze data is still accurate, but some other data such as screen pixel-per-degree resolution, saccade amplitude, and velocity will not be correct.

EyeLink 1000 Plus & EyeLink Portable Duo

From the Host Software, press CTRL+ALT+Q to enter to the File Manager. From the File Manager click the gear icon in the top left corner to access the Configurations Screen or press CTRL+ATL+C.


From the Configurations screen select the screen icon to access the screen settings. From this interface, follow the on-screen directions and enter in the values for Screen Size, Default Display Resolution, Eye-to-Screen Distance, and Camera-to-Screen Distance. Once complete, click the save button and press the EyeLink logo icon to start the host software again.


EyeLink II & EyeLink 1000

From the host software press CTL+ALT+Q to exit the Host software and enter the DOS environment. From DOS, make sure you are in the C:/ELCL/EXE folder and type:

>> edit physical.ini

This will open the PHYSICAL.INI file in a text editor. From here three or four* commands will appear (each commented with a description of the information required). Please modify the settings of all commands (screen_phys_coords, screen_pixel_coords, screen_distance, marker_phys_coords) to match the dimensions of your actual physical setup.

*Note that the marker_phys_coords is only for EyeLink II systems.

For the EyeLink 1000 with remote mode the camera to screen distance will need to be edited via the remote_camera_position function. Copy the following command to the FINAL.INI file, if the camera is not placed right in front of the display screen. The final parameter should be altered to reflect the actual distance (in mm) between the Display monitor and the base of the camera lens. For example if that distance is 25 cm, the final parameter should be -250 instead of -90.

## remote_camera_position <rh> <rv> <dx> <dy> <dz>
;; <rh>: 10;    // rotation of camera from screen (clockwise from top)
;;                i.e. how much the right edge of the camera is closer than left edge of camera
;;                i.e. 10 assumes right edge is closer than left edge
;; <rv>: 17;  // tilt of camera from screen (top toward screen)
;; <dx>: -80;  // bottom-center of display in cam coords
;; <dy>:  60;
;; <dz>: -90;
remote_camera_position 10 17 -80 60 -90