Template: C / C++ Templates
Please note that the following templates are provided in our EyeLink Developers Kit, which must be installed in order for these templates to run properly. There are templates using SDL, SDL2, and GDI (Windows only) graphics. Note only the picture, simple, and text examples are included for SDL2.

For more information about these templates and how to compile them please see the EyeLink Programmers Guide.

A zip folder containing the these example templates can be downloaded from the link below:

.zip   C_example_macOS.zip (Size: 28.79 MB / Downloads: 4)

.zip   C_examples_Windows.zip (Size: 8.04 MB / Downloads: 14)

.zip   C_examples_Ubuntu.zip (Size: 296 bytes / Downloads: 2)

Examples Descriptions
simple A basic template that runs a single block of 4 trials, each of which displays a single word to the screen. It introduces the key concepts that the other templates are built on.
text Introduces the use of bitmaps. It displays 4 formatted pages of text.
picture Similar to the text example, but displays 3 pictures (JPG files).
eyedata Illustrates how to read link data. It displays a gaze-contingent cursor during the trial, then plays back the data from the trial.
gcwindow Implements a fast gaze-contingent window with both text and pictures.
control Uses gaze position data to select items from a grid of letters. A basic example of gaze as input.
dynamic Uses refresh-locked drawing to implement sinusoidal smooth pursuit and gap-step-overlap saccadic trials.
broadcast Example for an application that eavesdrops on any application, reproducing calibration targets and displaying a gaze cursor (if real-time sample data is enabled).
comm_simple and comm_listener Examples that illustrate a dual-computer experiment. The comm_simple example is a modified version of the simple example, which works with the comm_listener example. This illustrates how realtime data analysis might be performed, by reproducing the display (based on the TRIALID messages) and displaying a gaze cursor.