Webinar: Implementing the RSVP Paradigm in Experiment Builder
Implementing the RSVP Paradigm in Experiment Builder
Delivered - May 22 11am ET/4pm GMT

The Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) paradigm involves the presentation of a series of stimuli to the participant in rapid succession at a fixed position. The order of these stimuli may be randomized, and one or more of these stimuli may be critical (i.e., in some way different) when compared with the other stimuli in the set.

This webinar will discuss how to implement the RSVP Paradigm in Experiment Builder. The discussion will cover:
  • How to Repeat the Similar Stimulus Presentation
  • How to Control / Optimize Timing of the Stimuli
  • How to Break Sentences into Individual Words
  • How to Randomize a List of Image Filenames
  • How to Continuously Collect Behavioral Responses
  • How to Send a TTL Sync Signal to External Device (e.g. EEG System)
Having basic knowledge of Experiment Builder functionality will help in understanding the concepts discussed in this webinar, but it is not required. For an introduction to the basic functionality of Experiment Builder see the Experiment Builder Video Tutorials.

You can get to a video of the Implementing Text / Reading Experiments in Experiment Builder Webinar from the following links:
The PowerPoint used in the webinar and the Experiment Builder scripts that are discussed in the webinar can be downloaded from the links below. You can use the File -> Unpack command in Experiment Builder to unzip the EBZ file.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch at support@sr-research.com!

PowerPoint / Experiment Builder Scripts



.ebz   RSVP_TEXT.ebz (Size: 46.43 KB / Downloads: 10)

.ebz   RSVP_TEXT_TTL_ON_CRIT_WORDS.ebz (Size: 49.04 KB / Downloads: 20)

.ppt   Implementing_RSVP_Paradigms_In_EB.ppt (Size: 730.5 KB / Downloads: 17)