Webinar: Integrating EyeLink and EEG / MRI with Experiment Builder
Integrating EyeLink and EEG / MRI using Experiment Builder
Delivered - Dec 15 2019 10-12am EST

The webinar covers the following topics in the context of a simple eye tracking experiment:
  • EyeLink System Hardware for EEG / MRI
  • Considerations for EEG Synchronization with TTL Signal
  • Considerations for EEG Synchronization with Analog Card
  • Considerations for MRI Synchronization
  • Overview of Parallel Ports Pins and Cables
  • How to Send Signals to Mark Experimental Events / Conditions
  • How to Receive TTL Signals to Control Experiment Timing
Note, the general ideas behind synchronization are similar for other types of devices as well (e.g., TMS, NIRS, Motion Capture Devices, Single Cell Recording, etc...); as EEG and fMRI are particularly commonly used, the webinar will discuss synchronization in the context of experiments involving these types of devices.

Having basic knowledge of Experiment Builder programming will help in understanding the concepts discussed in this webinar, but it is not required. For an introduction to the basic functionality of Experiment Builder see the Experiment Builder Video Tutorials.

You can get to a video of the Integrating EyeLink and EEG / MRI with Experiment Builder Webinar from the following links: The PowerPoint used in the webinar and the Experiment Builder script that is discussed in the webinar can be downloaded from the links below. You can use the File -> Unpack command in Experiment Builder to unzip the EBZ file.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch at support@sr-research.com!

PowerPoint / Experiment Builder Scripts

.ppt   MRI_and_EEG_Integration.ppt (Size: 1.04 MB / Downloads: 90)

.ebz   MRI_Synchronization.ebz (Size: 473.67 KB / Downloads: 27)

.ebz   EEG_Synchronization.ebz (Size: 29.09 KB / Downloads: 57)