Webinar: Timing Control in Experiment Builder
Timing Control in Experiment Builder
Delivered - Jun 7 2020, 10-12am EST

The webinar covers the following topics in the context of a simple eye tracking experiment:
  • Display Monitor Considerations (Refresh Rate and Response Time)
  • Audio Considerations (ASIO vs DirectX Driver)
  • Basic Timing Control in Experiment Builder
  • How to Log Event Timing to EyeLink Data File
  • How to Link Timer Triggers to a Specific Event
  • Time Considerations for the Prepare Sequence Node
  • Raise Priority of Experiment Builder to Optimize Timing
  • How to Control Inter-Trial Interval
Having basic knowledge of Experiment Builder programming will help in understanding the concepts discussed in this webinar, but it is not required. For an introduction to the basic functionality of Experiment Builder see the Experiment Builder Video Tutorials.

You can get to a video of the Timing Control in Experiment Builder Webinar from the following links: In the video, there is some crackly audio at a few points. If you have questions about something that is being discussed, please don't hesitate to let us know.

The PowerPoint and Experiment Builder scripts can be downloaded from the links below. You can use the File -> Unpack command in Experiment Builder to unzip the EBZ files.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch at support@sr-research.com!

PowerPoint / Experiment Builder Scripts

.ppt   Timing_Control_in_EB.ppt (Size: 297 KB / Downloads: 56)

.ebz   ITI_Example.ebz (Size: 399.06 KB / Downloads: 11)

.ebz   SimpleTimingExample.ebz (Size: 902.41 KB / Downloads: 11)