Webinar: Psycholinguistics Studies
Psycholinguistics Studies 
Delivered - Oct 12, 2016 10am EST

The webinar will cover the following topics in the context of a simple eye tracking experiment:
  • Visual World Paradigm Walkthrough in Experiment Builder
    • Target, Competitor, and Distractor Positioning
    • Sending Audio Event Timing Information
  • Analyzing Visual World Paradigm Data in Data Viewer
    • Extracting Time Course (Binning) Report for Time Looked at Each Image
  • Building Reading Studies in Experiment Builder
    • Automatic Interest Area Segmentation
  • Analyzing Reading Study Data in Data Viewer
    • Extracting Reading Measures
Having basic knowledge of Experiment Builder / Data Viewer will help in understanding some of the content of this webinar, but it is not required. See the relevant Video Tutorial Series for an introduction to the basic functionality of Experiment Builder and Data Viewer.

You can get to a video of Psycholinguistics Studies Webinar from the following links: In the video, the first 1 hour 30 minutes covers the Visual World paradigm, and the last part covers the Text Reading paradigm (so jump to 1:30:00 if you want to see the reading section).

The PowerPoint and Experiment Builder scripts and the Data Viewer Viewing Sessions (in the ZIP file) can be downloaded from the links below. You can use the File -> Unpack command in Experiment Builder to unzip the EBZ files.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch at support@sr-research.com!

Experiment Builder Scripts / Data Viewer Sessions

.ebz   TextComprehensionQuestion.ebz (Size: 35.77 KB / Downloads: 35)

.ebz   VisualWorldAutoDriftCheck.ebz (Size: 142.3 KB / Downloads: 26)

.zip   ViewingSessions.zip (Size: 1.36 MB / Downloads: 41)