Template: Multi-Line Text Entry with Word Wrapping
Multi-Line Text Entry with Word Wrapping

Required Experiment Builder Version: 1.5.201 or higher
EyeLink Required: No
Type: Concept Example
Difficulty Level: High

This example demonstrates:
  • How to collect long-form text response from a participant
  • How to use Custom Class to parse / manipulate text response

This project illustrates how to collect participant keyboard responses to be presented as multi-line text entry with word wrapping. The word wrapping and line segmentation is handled via Custom Class code.

**Additional detailed information about the project is given in the notes section for most nodes. To see notes for a given node, either mouse over that node or click on it to display the notes window. If the notes window is not visible, go to the "View" drop-down menu in Experiment Builder, select "Properties", and check "Note".
  1. Download the Multiline_Text_Entry_with_Word_Wrap.ebz example from this message.
  2. Launch the Experiment Builder application.
  3. Unpack the Multiline_Text_Entry_with_Word_Wrap.ebz file to a location on your Experiment Builder PC with "File menu -> Unpack".
  4. Open the project in Experiment Builder.
  5. Deploy the project to a new folder.
  6. Run the Multiline_Text_Entry_with_Word_Wrap.exe from the deployed directory.

.ebz   Multiline_Text_Entry_with_Word_Wrap.ebz (Size: 31.93 KB / Downloads: 65)