Webinar: Eye Tracking Data Quality
Eye Tracking Data Quality
Delivered - May 22, 2021

Understanding the key determinants of eye tracking data quality is critical for researchers who want to maximize their ability to detect significant effects in gaze metrics and generate and report high quality, replicable data.  In this webinar we discuss the key determinants of eye tracking data quality, and provide some suggestions for how critical data quality metrics such as accuracy and precision can be derived from EyeLink data. We also provide some very useful tips and tricks that you can use to maximize your eye tracking data quality – from optimizing camera and participant setup, to choosing the most appropriate calibration model. The overall aim of the webinar is to provide EyeLink users with the tools they need to measure and report eye tracking data quality, and to help them ensure that they are using their equipment optimally. The webinar was delivered at a satelite event at V-VVS 2021.

This webinar will cover the following topics:
  • Defining Data Quality
  • Data Quality Terminology
  • Defining Accuracy and Precision
  • Measuring and Reporting Accuracy and Precision
  • Measuring and Reporting Data Loss
  • Tips to Maximizing Data Quality
  • Optimal Participant Setup
  • Optimal EyeLink Camera Setup
  • Optimal Calibration and Validation
You can get to a video of the Eye Tracking Data Quality Webinar from the following links:
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PowerPoint Slides:

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For more information about how to setup different EyeLink systems, you may find the following video tutorials useful: