Webinar: Implementing Text / Reading Experiments in Experiment Builder
Implementing Text / Reading Experiments in Experiment Builder
Delivered Friday, July 24 2020, 1pm EST

Eye tracking is one of the best tools we have as researchers for studying the processes involved in reading comprehension. Experiment Builder is particularly well-suited for reading experiments, given: 
  1. Its ability to automatically create Interest Areas around regions of the text.
  2. Its ability to do this segmentation in a configurable manner so as to allow Interest Area segmentation at the character, phoneme / morpheme, word, phrase, or sentence level (or really in any customizable way).
  3. Its flexible text presentation abilities -- it allows the use of any font that is installed on the computer and can present text (and segment the Interest Areas for the text) in flexible orientations (e.g., left-right for English, Chinese languages, right-left for Hebrew, Arabic languages).
  4. Its ability to use HTML tags to selectively format different parts of the text.
This webinar covers:
  • How to Present Text
  • How to Use Word Segmentation
  • How to Format Text Using HTML Tags
  • Best Practices for Text / Reading Studies
Having basic knowledge of Experiment Builder functionality will help in understanding the concepts discussed in this webinar, but it is not required. For an introduction to the basic functionality of Experiment Builder see the Experiment Builder Video Tutorials.

You can get to a video of the Implementing Text / Reading Experiments in Experiment Builder Webinar from the following links:
The PowerPoint used in the webinar is attached to this post in a ZIP file. The experiments that are discussed in the webinar are attached as an EBZ files. You can use the File -> Unpack command to unzip the EBZ files.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch at support@sr-research.com!

PowerPoint / Experiment Builder Scripts

.ppt   Text_Reading_In_EB.ppt (Size: 1.79 MB / Downloads: 183)

.ebz   TextQuestion.ebz (Size: 40.83 KB / Downloads: 99)

.ebz   TextQuestionPhraseIAs.ebz (Size: 41.04 KB / Downloads: 58)