Template: E-Prime Templates
The following templates use in-line scripts and works for both E-Prime 2 and 3. These templates are also provided in our EyeLink Developers Kit, which must also be installed for these templates to run properly. Please see the Getting Started with E-Prime Guide for installation instructions.

.zip   E-Prime_examples.zip (Size: 25.44 MB / Downloads: 83)

Please note that we also offer an E-Prime 3 Extension for EyeLink that has dedicated E-Prime Objects and provides a rich and effortless integration with EyeLink Data Viewer, which requires the purchase of a license key.

Templates Description
EyeLink_Picture Example of basic integration with a general image viewing paradigm.
EyeLink_PictureMRI EyeLink_Picture example adapted for use in an MRI environment.  Here we use static trial durations and block-level recording to allow for predictable session lengths, and include a screen at the beginning of each block that waits for a scanner-provided TR pulse.
EyeLink_SimpleCanvasSave Example of basic integration with a single line text paradigm.  Also shows how to save the displayed trial image (useful if you are generating text stimuli on the fly instead of using screen images).
EyeLink_Video Shows how to run a project that displays video trials.  Contains code to log the presentation time of each video frame to the .edf for Data Viewer playback, and optionally log the same to a text file to allow for interest period specification based on frame numbers in Data Viewer (to enable the text file logging, set the logFrames variable at the top of the stopRecording inline script to True).
EyeLink_FixWindowFastSamples Example showing how to poll the reported eye gaze location from the tracker to set up a gaze-based trigger.  Here we use this to wait for gaze to be within a defined area for a specific duration before presenting the trial's image stimulus.  Includes recalibration and recycling of the current trial if the gaze check is not completed within a given time frame, or if the ESC key is pressed prior to passing the gaze check.
EyeLink_GCFastSamples Example of including a gaze-contingent display item (a filled white circle) overlaid on a background image.  Polls the reported eye gaze location from the tracker to continuously update the circle location in real-time.
EyeLink_SaccadeEvent Shows how to poll eye events (e.g., saccades) for use as a response trigger.  Here, trials are completed by shifting gaze to a green box presented at a given screen location.

Please note that the E-Prime 1.x templates are legacy versions and are no longer actively maintained.