FAQ: How can I get the eye*.log files?
The eye*.log files (eye.log, eye001.log, eye002.log etc) reside on the Host PC and contain information that can be helpful for a variety of support scenarios. If a member of the support team has requested that you provide them with eye*.log files, please take the following steps:

EyeLink 1000 Plus and EyeLink Portable Duo

1) Make sure that both the Host PC and Display PC are turned on, and connected via ethernet (as they are for normal use)
2) On the Host PC quit the Host Software (press CTRL+ALT+Q) to get to the File Manager
3) On the Display PC type into the URL bar of a browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox). This should bring up the File Manager that is running on the Host PC into the browser window:


4) Open the ELCL Folder and then the data subfolder. Files in the data subfolder can be viewed as a list by clicking the button shown below and selecting Details:


5) Select the eye*.log files

6) Right-click and select Download Items (or click the Download button). The files will be downloaded as a single .zip file which can be attached to an email and sent to the support team


EyeLink 1000 and EyeLink II
For older DOS-based systems please take the following steps:

1) Boot the Host PC into Windows
2) Open an Explorer window (Windows key +E)  
3) Navigate to the EyeLink partition (likely the E: Drive)
4) Open the ELCL folder, then the EXE folder
5) Copy the eye*.log files onto a USB stick (please note that Windows may hide the .log extension by default, so the files may appear as eye, eye001 etc).
6) Zip up the log files and email the resulting .zip file to the support team.