FAQ: What does the warning "your current DPI does not match expected DPI..." mean?
This warning typically occurs when the Display PC display settings have changed, for example, you are using a different resolution, or monitor, or the scaling of your operating system is greater than 100%. This can lead to the size or position of resources, especially text, to appear differently than intended.

The simplest solution to resolve this warning is to set your Windows display Scaling to 100% in Settings > System > Display for the monitor that will be displaying the Experiment Builder project, or simply right-click on the Desktop and select 'Display Settings'.
If you have a high-resolution monitor (e.g. a 4K screen), you may also need to reduce the display resolution so that the text remains readable (i.e., reduce it from 4k to 1080p) at 100% scaling.

It may also be fine to ignore this warning if the project stimuli all look OK when you test-run, and are positioned as you need them.
If the display screens are not correct when you test-run the project, please check your project's Display Resolution settings in Experiment Builder (Devices > Display > Resolution) and then click on the Broom icon (Clean) before test-running the project again.