FAQ: How do the Button trigger IDs map to EyeLink game controllers?
EyeLink eye trackers support a range of button boxes / response devices. It is important to note that the EYELINK BUTTON trigger node should only be used for button boxes / response devices that are attached to the Host PC, not the Display PC.

EyeLink button boxes should be attached to a USB port on the EyeLink Host PC (Microsoft SideWinder Plug and Play Gamepad for EyeLink II or select EyeLink 1000 Host PCs, or the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Logitech F310 button box for EyeLink 1000 Plus and EyeLink Portable Duo). Some EyeLink button boxes (SR Research Gamepad or ResponsePixx button box) should be attached to the parallel port on the host PC.

Select the appropriate input device in the Type property of button box device preferences (click the Devices tab of the Structure panel and select BUTTONBOX from the devices list) to specify the particular button box used. This will allow Experiment Builder to automatically configure the button mappings. 


The key mappings for these devices can be found in the Experiment Builder manual (Help menu -> Contents -> Experiment Graph and Components -> Components -> Triggers -> "EyeLink Button Trigger").


Any USB based button box that can register responses as keypresses can also be used with Experiment Builder. Unlike EyeLink button boxes, these should be attached to the Display PC and accessed via a KEYBOARD trigger node in Experiment Builder. For instance, the Labhackers Millikey Response box and Blackbox Toolkit USB response pad are both USB based response devices that provide millisecond accurate response timing in combination with Experiment Builder.

Cedrus button boxes can also be used and should also be attached to the Display PC, but they have their own CEDRUS trigger node in Experiment Builder.