FAQ: What does "Error: Invalid Tracker Type" mean?
The errors "Invalid Tracker Type" and "Configuration matching ID not found" indicate that either the "Tracker Version", "Camera Mount", and / or "Mount Usage" setting in the current project (Device tab in Structure Panel -> EyeLink) are not compatible with the EyeLink system currently connected to the Display PC. To resolve this error please change these settings to reflect the current EyeLink system attached to the Display PC. If the Desktop mount is selected for EyeLink 1000, ensure that the correct "Desktop Version" selection ("Illuminator on Left" vs. "Illuminator on right"). Failing to do this may cause a "Configuration matching ID not found" error.


To check the supported modes for each eye tracker, go to the the Set Options screen on the EyeLink Host software on the Host PC and select the "Select Configuration" button to see a full list of supported modes. Note that if expected modes are not be available check that the camera is mounted properly and that all connections to the camera are securely attached (particularly the stereo leads that provide power to the illuminator) and reboot the Host PC. 

Alternatively, setting the "Tracker Version" to "Current" will allow for the project to run any EyeLink eye tracker on the current setting of the eye tracker.