FAQ: How can I manage my data when moving it from the original data collection location?
If you are moving your data from one computer to another for analysis, it is always best to copy the entire project directory from one location to another rather than just moving the EDF files alone. This is because the EDFs do not contain any of the background image / videos, Interest Areas sets, or any other supplementary files that may be necessary for proper data analysis. Instead EDF files contain message pointers to each of these files relative to its saved location, so to maintain proper links for these pointers and the corresponding files the entire project directory needs to be moved so that Data Viewer can utilize them for visualizations and other features.

An alternative approach  is to import all of the EDF files into a single Data Viewer viewing session which can then be saved and packaged  (File Menu -> "Package ..."). This will create a DVZ file that can be easily transferred to another location. The DVZ file will contain local copies of the required dependency files.


It is also important to note that when backing up data for long-term storage the entire original project directory should be preserved for the same reason mentioned above. Data imported into Data Viewer will only create copies of the original data while the imported EDF files are immutable. If there is the any problems and / or changes that occur in the data visualization or analysis stage, reloading the original EDF files from the original project directory can restore all changes back to its original form.