FAQ: How can I apply the same set of Interest Areas within and across participants?
Interest Areas can be saved as a template in an IAS (Interest Area Set) file. To create a new Interest Area Template, select the desired Interest Areas and click the 'Save Interest Area Set to Disk' button in the Trial View window toolbar. When saving the Interest Area Template, it gives an option to import the template into the Viewing Session (click yes). Once the template is saved and imported it will be shown as an Interest Area Template in the Inspector window of the current Data Viewer viewing session. Previously saved Interest Area Templates can also be imported (File menu -> Import Data ... -> Interest Area Template ...). These templates can be applied to trials or groups of trials by changing the trial or group's Default Interest Area Set Property in the Inspector window. Note that applying a default Interest Area Set will replace any existing Interest Areas on the selected trials.

To batch apply a template to all similar trials across a number of participants, its best to regroup the trials by whatever relevant trial variable links those trials. This can be done by going to the Edit menu -> "Trial Grouping ..." and selecting the relevant variables. Afterwards select the name of the group in the Data tab of the Inspector window and change the Default Interest Area set property to match the appropriate template for those trials. This will apply the Interest Areas within that template to all trials within the group.