FAQ: How can I merge multiple Viewing Sessions?
Data Viewer allows users to import EyeLink data (EDF Files) from multiple participants so that the analysis and report output for an entire experimental task can be performed within a single Viewing Session. Ideally, all participants for a given experiment should be imported into a single Viewing Session rather than spread across multiple sessions. Having all participants in a single Viewing Session allows a number of Data Viewer's features, such as aggregate view, aggregate reports, etc to be used. Individual participant reports can still be exported by selecting the "Create one report per EDF" option when generating reports.

Occasionally users may want to merge Data Viewer Viewing Sessions - for example if they have saved individual Viewing sessions for each of the EDF files. To merge the individual viewing sessions into the current active session please take the following steps:

Click File -> Merge Viewing Session … from the application file menu bar, browse to the folder where the individual EVS file is located, select the file, and click Open in the dialog box. Upon merging, all of the data adjustments (e.g., fixation cleaning, moving, merging) and interest area and image / video integration in the Viewing Session that is being merged will be preserved. However, session preferences, selection of report variables, and interest period configuration will not be merged – the settings from the currently active viewing session will be used instead. Please also note that settings from the old viewing sessions can be exported and imported into the current active session if desired - please see Section 8 of the Data Viewer User Manual for details on Exporting / Importing Preference Settings.