FAQ: How can I make individual Interest Areas for text trials in my experiment?
If you are using Experiment Builder for stimulus presentation, then you can use the automatic word segmentation feature it provides. This will automatically create word level Interest Areas that can be used by Data Viewer during analysis.

If you used other stimulus presentation software to display your sentences, you can try using the "Auto Segment Image into Interest Areas" function by clicking the button highlighted below. This will use image properties (such as whitespace between words) to attempt to create individual interest areas. Please note that results may vary (e.g. some Interest Areas may contain more than a single word) depending on punctuation / font / whitespace etc. You can adjust the various parameters used to govern the image segmentation in the preferences (Edit menu -> Preferences -> Data Views -> Overlay -> Image Segmentation).  Details are also discussed in Section 8.9 of the Data Viewer User Manual on preference settings for Image Segmentation. Interest Areas also be manually Split / Merged by simply selecting the relevant area(s), right-clicking and choosing the Split or Merge options.