FAQ: What is the easiest way to learn Experiment Builder?
The Getting Started with Experiment Builder page contains lots of useful information. Additionally, the Experiment Builder Video Tutorial Series and the "Designing an Experiment in EB" section in the User Manual (Help menu -> Contents) are two great places to start learning the basics of Experiment Builder.

The Experiment Builder User Manual also contains step-by-step guides to the example experiments that come with Experiment Builder (File menu -> Examples). There are also many highly annotated Experiment Builder Templates that demonstrate some of Experiment Builder's more advanced features.

Finally, it is also worth consulting the Experiment Builder Project Checklist in the User Manual (Help menu -> Contents -> "Experiment Builder Project Checklist" section) prior to deploying any experiment for data collection. It contains lots of extremely useful suggestions that may help avoid some future headaches in the data collection and / or analysis stages.