FAQ: How can I export data from Data Viewer?
Data can be exported for further (e.g. statistical) analysis by selecting the appropriate type of report (Analysis menu -> Reports). The type of the report created (e.g., Trial Report, Fixation Report, Interest Area Report, Sample Report, Saccade Report, Time Series (binning) Report or Message Report) determines what the contents of the rows of the output fill will be. For example, for a Fixation Report, each row of the output file will correspond to a single fixation; for an Interest Area Report, each row of the output file will correspond to a single Interest Area. When creating reports, a dialogue box will be presented containing the variables available for that particular report. The selected variables will form the columns of the output file.

In addition to the many built-in variables, the Trial Variables (i.e. Data Source columns and VARIABLE nodes from Experiment Builder projects that were selected as EyeLink Data Viewer Variables) will also be available as variables for output. The dialog provides a description of each variable (just select the relevant variable and its description will appear). A full list of variables to choose from for the various reports can be found in the Data Viewer User Manual (Help -> Contents -> Data Analysis and Output).