EyeLink Hardware FAQs: Table of Contents
Display PC Configuration

Connecting with the Display PC FAQs Display Monitor FAQs

Experimental Setup

Camera FAQs Physical Experimental Setup FAQs

Calibration & Participant Setup / Data Quality Participant FAQs Calibration Setup FAQs Calibration Model FAQs Drift Correction FAQs Calibration Troubleshooting FAQs

EyeLink Host Software

EDF Files Log and Cal Files System Update FAQs EyeLink Event Detection FAQs Visual Angle Calculation FAQs

EyeLink Host PC Errors & Warnings

General Errors & Warnings System Specific Errors

EyeLink Host Software Camera Setup Options

Camera Image FAQs Pupil and Corneal Reflection FAQs Camera Options FAQs

TTL Communication, Analog card, & EyeLink Button Boxes

TTL and Button Boxes FAQs Analog Card FAQs