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Data Viewer is a Powerful and Intuitive Data Analysis Program

EyeLink Data Viewer is used for viewing, filtering, and processing gaze data recorded with EyeLink eye trackers.

Key Features:
  • Includes a range of Data Visualization options:
    • Temporal Graph View supports visualization of eye data over time.
    • Spatial Overlay View superimposes saccade and fixation scan-path information over an image.
    • Animation Playback View plays back the trial with eye movements overlaid (including bee-swarm and dynamic heatmap modes).
  • Supports both static and dynamic interest areas (rectangular, elliptical, or freeform polygons).
  • Generate static or dynamic heat maps for selected trials or groups of trials.
  • Create difference maps to compare gaze across conditions / trials / participant groups
  • Create interest periods for temporal data filtering.
  • Output a wide range of reports, at the sample, fixation, saccade, interest area, or trial level for statistical analysis.
  • Output Time Series (binning) reports for Visual World and Dynamic tasks.
  • Aggregate Data Mode allows users to visualize eye-tracking data from multiple participants/trials and provides summary statistics.
  • Highly integrated with SR Research Experiment Builder, E-Prime, Presentation, Matlab + Psychtoolbox, and other experimental programming packages.


Data Filtering and Trial Grouping with Data Viewer

  • Filter data and reports based on fixation / saccade parameters (e.g. duration and amplitude).
  • Manually edit / delete / merge fixations in temporal view mode.
  • Remove fixations using a range of highly configurable options.
  • Clean fixations using a built-in and configurable four-stage process (for reading research).
  • Group trials based on one or multiple trial condition variables.
  • Color code events (fixations / saccades) based on grouping variables.
  • Create interest areas templates and apply them to all similar trials across participants.
Data Viewer-SR Research

Data Analysis / Output Reports with Data Viewer

  • Generate reports on gaze position at the sample level, as well reports based on fixations, saccades, interest areas, or trials for statistical analysis.
  • Generate aggregate Event or Interest Area Reports for a rapid overview of key gaze metrics.
  • Perform reading regression analysis and fixation sequence (transition matrix) analysis.
  • All Data Viewer reports (output as .txt or .xls files) can be imported directly into Excel and statistical analysis packages such as SPSS and R for further processing.
  • Data Viewer requires a license key to run, but if you’d like to try it you can run it temporarily in a restricted demo mode without one. You can get the installer from our support forum.
Data Viewer-SR Research