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Sophisticated and Intuitive Experiment Builder

SR Research Experiment Builder is a sophisticated and intuitive drag-and-drop graphical programming environment for creating computer-based psychology and neuroscience experiments.

  • No hidden fees. Updates are always free and always fully backwards compatible.
  • Cross-platform compatible for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and macOS (OSX).
  • Delivers complex visual and auditory stimuli and registers responses with extremely high levels of timing precision.
  • Multi-language text presentation, with full control of text properties, html markup, and automatic interest area segmentation.
  • Displays video content with precise timing and frame-logging.
  • Powerful randomization options, including blocking, run-length control, and list counter-balancing.
  • Hundreds of existing templates that can be easily modified (e.g., change blindness, smooth pursuit, pro-saccade task, Stroop task and many more) are available through the SR Research Support Forum.
  • Fully integrated with EyeLink Data Viewer.
  • Compatible with all EyeLink trackers, facilitating cross laboratory research collaboration.
  • Supports both eye tracking (EyeLink) and non-eye tracking experiments.


Precise Stimulus Presentation with Experiment Builder

  • Precisely timed presentation of images, shapes, text and videos.
  • Supports common image formats (.bmp, .jpg, .png, etc.).
  • Present single or multiple simultaneous video clips with frame logging.
  • Millisecond precise logging of input from a wide range of response devices.
  • Use sinusoidal, linear, or customized movement patterns for simple animation.
  • Implement automatic word-, phrase-, or even character-level, interest area segmentation, with control over boundary placement.
  • Implement gaze-contingent stimulus control (e.g., moving window, and boundary crossing paradigms) easily.
  • Play .wav files and synchronize visual and auditory stimuli with ms accuracy.


Sophisticated Experimental Design with Experiment Builder

  • Supports multiple parallel ports for TTL integration, touchscreen responses, EyeLink, Cedrus, and VPixx button boxes.
  • Has voice triggers and audio responses recorded into .wav files.
  • Contains sophisticated gaze-contigent triggers (boundary, sample velocity, saccade, and fixation triggers).
  • Has a built-in data source (stimulus list) editor to specify the parameters of individual trials.
  • Use conditional branching and looping for flexible experiment flow control.
  • Dynamically update variable values at any point in the experiment.
  • Repeat and recycle trials as needed.
  • Incorporate Python data structures and commands into the GUI interface for increased flexibility.
  • Add custom Python code to extend functionality.
  • Experiment Builder requires a software license, but you can download a free demo version from the support forum.
Experiment Builder Stimuuli Types