Eye-Tracking Solutions

The unique flexibility and outstanding performance of EyeLink eye trackers have resulted in them being used by thousands of labs for an enormous variety of eye-tracking experiments and research applications. We have highlighted some examples of specific research areas below, which may help you make a more informed decision about which EyeLink eye tracker and which options / accessories may be of most use for your research needs. We have also added the publications using our system for each area, and you can also browse our full list of EyeLink eye-tracking studies published in peer-reviewed journals. Every researcher’s needs are unique, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your research goals in more detail so that we can assist you as much as possible. Our staff have decades of experience in eye-tracking research and application.


Reading Language EyeLink Publications
Reading / Language
Eye-tracking solutions for research in reading, comprehension and spoken language.

Clinical and Oculomotor EyeLink Publications
Clinical / Oculomotor
Research into oculomotor and cognitive dysfunction due to neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Cognitive EyeLink Publications
Insights from eye tracking into attention, memory, decision making and more.

Developmental Solutions-SR Research
Understanding the development of cognitive, perceptual, social and linguistic processes.


fNIRS Eye-Tracking Solutions
Combine eye tracking with other neurophysiological recording techniques for deeper insights.

fMRI and MEG Eye Tracking Solutions
The world’s most popular and effective solution for eye tracking in MRI/MEG environments.

Applied Eye-Tracking Solutions -
Usability / Applied
Take your eye tracking research out of the lab – solutions for usability and more.

SR Research Primate Eye Tracking Solutions
Non-Human Primate
Fast, accurate, reliable and non-invasive eye tracking for non-human primates.


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