The oculomotor system has been described as a “microcosm of the brain” and cognitive psychologists use eye tracking to provide a transparent window onto a range of cognitive operations including those involved in attention, memory and perception. Eye tracking allows researchers to both determine and control the visual input to the mind. EyeLink systems have the most rigorous technical specifications in the world, and their unique flexibility has ensured their use in a wide range of research areas within the field of Cognitive Psychology. SR Research Experiment Builder software enables highly sophisticated experimental tasks to be implemented quickly and easily, and Data Viewer allows researchers to quickly output common gaze metrics such as dwell time, saccade latency and pupil area.

SR Research EyeLink Duo System
EyeLink 1000 Plus with Gamepad
EyeLink 1000 Plus Desktop Mount Camera Upgrade
EyeLink 1000 with Arm Mount
EyeLink 1000 Plus Tower Mount
EyeLink Portable Duo - SR Research
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Fast, Accurate, Reliable Eye Tracking
  • The outstanding spatial accuracy and temporal precision of EyeLink systems allow detection of even the most subtle differences in metrics such as dwell time, saccade latency and pupil area.
  • High sampling speeds and fast access to gaze data opens up the world of gaze-contingent research paradigms, allowing researchers to determine precisely what information is perceived, and when.
EyeLink 1000 Plus
  • A highly flexible solution, the EyeLink 1000 Plus can be used in both head-stabilized and head free-to-move Remote Mode.
  • The Desktop, Arm and Tower mounts ensure research across the widest range of tasks and experimental settings is supported.
EyeLink Portable Duo
  • The Portable Duo is perfect for cognitive psychology research in non-laboratory settings, such as schools, homes and offices.
  • Easy to transport and very quick to set up – be ready to record laboratory quality data in minutes.

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Stimulus Presentation Solutions for Cognitive Research

SR Research Experiment Builder allows sophisticated cognitive psychology tasks to be implemented quickly and easily.

  • Hundreds of existing templates for common tasks such as visual search, dot probe, change-blindness, cueing tasks and many many more.
  • Precise timing delivery for text, images, audio and videos.
  • Millisecond precise recording of responses from button box / voice-key devices.
  • Saccade, Fixation, Velocity and Invisible Boundary Triggers allow sophisticated gaze-contingent tasks to be produced with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Simple integration and data synchronization with a wide range of other recording equipment.

Easily integrate EyeLink eye tracking functionality to existing experimental scripts written in third-party software such as E-Prime, MATLAB and Psychtoolbox, Presentation, and more.



Analysis Solutions for Cognitive Research

SR Research Data Viewer allows common metrics such as dwell time, first fixation etc time to be output with just a few clicks.

  • View data in temporal graph, spatial overlay or dynamic playback modes.
  • Create static and dynamic heatmaps.
  • Output reports containing hundreds of gaze variables at the Trial, Interest Area, Fixation, Saccade and even Sample level.
  • Use Trial Grouping and Aggregate Data Mode to simultaneously view and compare data across conditions / trials / participants.
  • Generate aggregate Event or Interest Area Reports for a rapid overview of key gaze metrics.

EyeLink Data Files can also be imported directly into Matlab and R, or easily converted to ASCII for import into other software for analysis.

Data Viewer-SR Research
Data Viewer-SR Research
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