Researchers are increasingly aware of the benefits of simultaneously recording gaze while acquiring fMRI and MEG data. Eye tracking during scans allows researchers to monitor participant engagement and task-compliance, track and control for potentially confounding factors such as saccades, microsaccades and blinks, and employ advanced analytical techniques such as fixation-related (FIRE) fMRI. In addition, eye tracking allows stimulus presentation during scans to be controlled in a gaze-contingent manner, greatly increasing the range of perceptual and cognitive operations that can be explored. More EyeLink eye trackers have been installed in fMRI and MEG systems worldwide than any other system.

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EyeLink 1000 Plus

The EyeLink 1000 Plus is the fastest, most accurate and most precise eye-tracker for MRI and MEG environments. Every system has the potential for dual-use, operating within MRI/MEG environments with the addition of the long range fibre-optic camera and illuminator, and in traditional behavioral laboratories with the appropriate mount – allowing for seamless software operations between laboratory and scanner eye-tracking.

  • Compatible with all major MRI and MEG equipment.
  • Compatible with multiple head coils.
  • Straightforward one-time installation process and very rapid participant set-up time.
  • Supports high-speed (up 2000 Hz monocular), high-precision recording with < 0.5° error.
  • Long camera-to-eye distances between 60 and 150 cm.
  • 32° x 25° trackable range.
  • 940 nm illuminator available for dark adapted environments.
  • A range of mounting options, including tray mounts and screen mounts for a wide range of scanner / display solution combinations.
  • Analog output option for seamless integration with MEG data.

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Software Solutions for MRI / MEG Research

SR Research Experiment Builder allows sophisticated cognitive psychology tasks to be implemented quickly and easily, and a range of input triggers ensure stimulus presentation is time-locked to scanner acquisition cycles.

  • Hundreds of existing templates for common tasks such as visual search, dot probe, change-blindness, cueing tasks and many many more.
  • Precise timing delivery for text, images, audio and videos.
  • MRI TR signals from the scanner can be used to control experimental flow and to allow synchronization of eye tracking and fMRI data.
  • Millisecond precise recording of responses from button box / voice-key devices.
  • Saccade, Fixation, Velocity and Invisible Boundary Triggers allow sophisticated gaze-contingent tasks to be produced with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Simple integration and data synchronization with MRI/MEG and a wide range of other recording equipment.

Eye tracking functionality can easily be added to existing stimulus presentation software. We provide templates and examples for Presentation, MATLAB and Psychtoolbox, E-Prime, and many more.

(Change Blindness Demo)
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