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Third-Party Software and Hardware Integration

EyeLink eye trackers can be controlled by a wide range of software and integrated with many other recording devices. Solutions exist for:

  • Third-Party Stimulus Display Software: Control EyeLink eye trackers, start and stop recording / launch camera-setup and calibration, send timing and Data Viewer integration messages, etc. via the software of your choice.
  • EEG/ fNIRS Equipment: Simultaneously record gaze and EEG / fNIRS data, with multiple synchronization routes.
  • MRI / MEG Equipment: Integrate and synchronize EyeLink eye-tracking systems with a wide range of MRI / MEG devices.
  • Third Party Software: Plugins allow EyeLink eye-tracking systems to be used seamlessly with a range of software products.

Stimulus Display Software

All EyeLink eye trackers can be integrated with a wide range of stimulus presentation packages, including:

Third Party Integration - Software Display Packages

Programming Languages

Set-up your eye-tracking experiments using custom code in any of these languages:

Third Party Integration Languages


Integrate EyeLink eye-tracking systems with a wide range of EEG and fNIRS equipment, including:

Third Party Integration EEG fNIRS


The EyeLink 1000 Plus and long-range optics can be integrated with a wide range of MRI and MEG systems:

MRI, MEG, and Eye-Tracking

Other Software / Hardware

EyeLink eye-tracking systems also work with a range of other software and hardware products, including:

Third Party Integration - Other Software