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Fast, Accurate, Reliable Eye Tracking

EyeLink® 1000

Multiple Eye Tracking Solutions in One

The unique design of the EyeLink 1000 makes it possible for the system to be used with a chin or forehead rest (Head Supported) or without any head support (Remote / Head Free). The EyeLink 1000 can be used for both common laboratory use and in highly sensitive EEG, MEG and MRI environments.
Key Specifications (View Full Spec Sheet)
Sampling Rate Head Supported: 2000 Hz Monocular / 1000 Hz Binocular
Remote / Head Free: 500 Hz Monocular
Accuracy Head Supported: 0.25º -0.5º average accuracy
Remote / Head Free: 0.5º average accuracy
Resolution Head Supported: 0.01º RMS, micro-saccade resolution of 0.05º
Remote / Head Free:0.05º RMS, saccade resolution of 0.25
Real-time Data Access Head Supported: 1.4 msec (SD < 0.4 msec) @ 2000 Hz
Remote / Head Free: 3 msec (SD < 1.2 msec) @ 500 Hz
Participant Setup Very simple and easy. Typically less than 2-5 minutes.
The EyeLink 1000 consists of a Core System that can be used with five different mounting options providing the ultimate in system extendibility
Mounting Options
Desktop Our most popular mount: easy to transport, with no electronics near the participant’s head. Binocular or monocular eye tracking supported.
Tower Provides an increased eye tracking range compared to the other mounts. Also useful when participant is using a touch screen.
Monocular eye tracking only.
LCD Arm Easily positioned hydraulic arm with integrated 17” LCD monitor brings the eye tracker to the viewer.
Long Range Ideal for MEG and MRI environments.
Supports eye to camera distances between 60 and 150cm.
Primate Useful in non-human primate research environments where
hardware is mounted to a primate chair.
The custom designed EyeLink 1000 camera can be upgraded in three different ways, further extending the systems high end specifications and usage options.
Camera Upgrades
Remote/Head Free Allows the EyeLink 1000 system with Desktop or LCD Arm mounts to be used as a 500 Hz Remote eye tracker that does not require head stabilization.
2000Hz Provides 2000 Hz monocular sampling rate. 1000 Hz binocular sampling rates when used with mounting options supporting binocular tracking. Provides the fastest real-time sample access.
Fiber Optic
(for MEG, MRI, etc)
Upgrades the standard EyeLink 1000 camera to the miniature
Fiber Optic camera head. Ideal for MEG, MRI, and EEG applications.
All EyeLink eye trackers are fully supported by Experiment Builder, a highly flexible graphically based experiment delivery software package, and Data Viewer for extracting hundreds of dependent measures.