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Host PC Response Boxes

Note: Prior to March 1st, 2010 SR Research provided a Microsoft Sidewinder USB gamepad for use with the EyeLink II and EyeLink 1000 Host PCs. The Sidewinder is not supplied nor is it supported on recent EyeLink 1000 hardware.

To provide the best timing support a parallel port response box is recommended. Parallel port response boxes will work with any EyeLink system that has a free parallel port on the Host computer. All Host PCs are supplied with at least one parallel port.

All Host PC parallel port button boxes offer msec accurate timestamp recording of button presses, with the parallel port being polled at a consistent 4 times per msec.

SR Research Gamepad

bullet Modified Gravis Destroyer gamepad
bullet 5 front buttons usable, 2 side trigger buttons non-functional
bullet Lower cost response box option

rs resbox
sr resbox2