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EyeLink 1000 Plus Remote Camera Upgrade

Key Features

bulletNo head support needed - highly portable coupled with Laptop Host PC
bulletMake your EyeLink 1000 Plus the most accurate Remote, Head Free-to-Move eye tracker available
bulletConsistent Binocular/Monocular 500 Hz sampling rate - no dropped samples or fluctuations
bullet0.5 degree average accuracy
bullet2 msec blink recovery time
bulletAccess eye position data with a 3.0 msec delay
bulletLarge 40 40 cm (horizontal vertical) head box at a 70 cm camera distance
bulletWorks with Desktop and LCD Arm Mounts
The Remote Camera Upgrade is designed for areas of eye tracking research where head stabilization is not desirable (e.g., EEG, TMS or for use with infants, children and special populations), but high accuracy and resolution are still important. With the Remote Camera Upgrade and the Desktop or LCD Arm Mount, the EyeLink 1000 Plus can be switched between head supported and remote operating modes in under a minute.

Head distance is accurately measured at 500 Hz using a small target sticker allowing head compensation even during blinks, and providing an extremely fast 2 msec blink recovery time.

With true 500 Hz binocular recording, the Remote Camera Upgrade makes the EyeLink 1000 Plus the most accurate and stable head free-to-move eye tracker. It provides reliable fixation, saccade, and blink event onset times and durations. The real-time data access and consistent temporal resolution make it the ideal head-free remote eye tracker for gaze-contingent and gaze-controlled applications.

Coupled with a Laptop Host PC, the EyeLink 1000 Plus is easily transported on site for tracking in schools, hospitals or homes.

Remote Accuracy