EGI EEG and EyeLink Eye Tracker Integration

About Philips-EGI

With over 25 years of innovation in neuroscience and neurology Philips-EGI are pioneers in the field of dense-arrary EEG recording. Their equipment is used in research laboratories around the world to study cognition, language, memory, consciousness, sleep, ADHD, autism and much more. EGI share SR Research’s deep roots within the scientific community, and our strong understanding of researcher’s needs.


EyeLink Integration

We have worked closely with engineers at EGI to bring very high levels of integration between EyeLink systems and Net Station 2.0.


Experiment Builder – NetStation 2.0 Integration

EGI Systems can be controlled and directly integrated with EyeLink eye trackers using Version 2.2 of our stimulus presentation software Experiment Builder. Automatic online clock synchronization and clock drift correction is performed using the NTP timing protocol, so that the events recorded in Experiment Builder are synchronized with the EEG data collected by EGI’s amplifiers.

Dedicated Experiment Builder nodes allow users to:

  • Control opening / closing Net Station connections and recording sessions
  • Start and stop recordings
  • Mark the beginning and end of the trial and send trial condition variables to Net Station
  • Send event markers (e.g. stimulus / response onsets) online to Net Station
  • Access the eye data online and send the event data online to the EEG systems
  • Optionally send TTL signals during experiment runtime
EGI EEG and Experiment Builder Integration 

Integration Detail

  • Integration via Experiment Builder, E-Prime and Matlab can be achieved via the EGI Experiment Control Interface (ECI) which uses TCP/IP to control Net Station recording operations and to send event information to Net Station.
  • All three computers are connected to a network switch and timing is synchronized using the NTP timing protocol
  • For researchers who use other stimulus presentation software (such as NBS Presentation / PsychoPy etc) EGI systems can be integrated with EyeLink systems using Standard TTL signalling and a trigger cable supplied by Philips-EGI.
  • The TTL signals can either be sent from the parallel port of the Display PC or Host PC. If neither computer has a parallel port then a device such as the USB2TTL8 can be used.


EGI EEG and EyeLink Eye Tracker Integration

If you have any questions regarding EyeLink-EGI integration, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help.