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SR Research Experiment Builder
Now Available for Apple Mac OS X

SR Research is pleased to announce the immediate release of SR Research Experiment Builder for Apple Mac OS X. Lab's can now use the world's most advanced graphically-based experiment creation environment on Mac OS X.* Experiment Builder projects, with or without an SR Research EyeLink eye tracker, can be created under either Windows or Mac OS X and then be built and deployed on either operating system.

"We are very excited about the Mac OS X release of our world class Experiment Builder software.", says Sol Simpson, Director of Operations and Product Management at SR Research Ltd., "Allowing our clients to choose to run SR Research Experiment Builder on either operating system opens new doors to our ever-growing user base and the seemingly growing number of labs adopting Apple technologies for their research needs."

Existing Experiment Builder customers can freely upgrade their Experiment Builder USB license key to include Mac OS X support by simply installing the Mac OS X version of the Experiment Builder software on a supported Apple platform. Demonstration versions of Experiment Builder are available for download on SR Research Ltd's web site at

* Running on an Intel-based Macintosh with OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)