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The EyeLink II has the fastest data rate and highest resolution of any head mounted video-based eye tracker. This exceptional data quality results in very low-velocity noise, making the EyeLink II ideal for a wide range of eye tracking research. The EyeLink II has the following features:

  • Pupil + Corneal Reflection and Pupil only tracking modes.
  • 500 Hz binocular eye tracking.
  • 0.5º average accuracy.
  • 0.01º resolution.
  • Access to eye position data with 3.0 msec delay.
  • High quality computer based or scene camera eye tracking.
  • Fast and simple participant setup, calibration, and validation.

With the addition of the EyeLink II Scene Camera option, the EyeLink II can also be used for real-world eye-tracking applications that are not tied to a computer monitor.

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FeaturesAccessoriesSupport and TrainingSoftware
SR Research EyeLink II

Fast, accurate and reliable head-mounted eye tracking:

  • Three miniature cameras mounted on a comfortable padded headband.
  • No mirrors, making it very robust and easy to set up.
  • Two eye cameras, which allow binocular eye tracking or easy selection of the subject’s dominant eye without any mechanical reconfiguration.
  • An optical head-tracking camera integrated into the headband, which allows accurate tracking of the subject’s point of gaze without the need for a bite bar.
  • Includes a millisecond accurate response device.


  • Gaze position is provided on video from a forward facing head-mounted camera.
  • The scene camera has a 250 Hz sampling rate.
  • It has excellent tolerance to external / varying light sources.
  • Binocular recording is used to correct for horizontal and vertical parallax errors when the participant is looking at non calibrated viewing distances.
  • Synchronized audio input support.
  • It has a compact / portable / battery powered Host-PC for research outside of the lab.

Response Devices

  • The Black Box ToolKit Response Pad (left) and the Millikey Button Box (right) are both millisecond accurate.
  • Each is recognized as a USB keyboard, so can be used with any operating system or programming approach.
  • Both have arcade-style buttons with clear caps that can be removed to place your own information beneath.
  • The Black Box ToolKit Response Pad is available in two different 5 button layouts (W and V).

Analog Output

  • The Analog Output card is intended for research settings in which digital gaze data cannot be accessed over the ethernet link.
  • It provides analog output of X and Y position data and pupil size.
  • Data is updated every sample (up to 2000 Hz).
  • Programmable range between +/- 10 volts.
  • Analog breakout board with BNC connectors.


Technical Support

  • All EyeLink systems come with a lifetime of free technical support.
  • Support members include former faculty and Ph.D. graduates in Cognitive Neuroscience, Vision Science, Psycholinguistics and Experimental Psychology.
  • We have expertise in all aspects of eye-tracking research and outstanding technical knowledge of EyeLink hardware, software, and integration.


Onsite EyeLink Eye Tracker Installation and Training

  • We provide installation and commission of standard hardware.
  • Onsite software training is tailored to individual research goals.
  • You decide how large of an audience to include.
  • Cost covers all travel expenses to your site.
  • Contact us for a quote.

Experiment Builder

  • Experiment Builder is a sophisticated and intuitive graphical programming environment for creating computer-based psychology and neuroscience experiments.
  • It runs under Windows and macOS (OSX).
  • There are hundreds of existing templates that can be easily modified (e.g., change blindness, smooth pursuit, pro-saccade task, Stroop task, etc.).

Data Viewer

  • Data Viewer is powerful and intuitive software for viewing, filtering, and processing gaze data recorded with EyeLink eye trackers.
  • Use it to create static and dynamic interest areas, heatmaps, and output hundreds of dependent measures such as Dwell Time, Sacccade Onset, etc.
  • Data Viewer is highly integrated with SR Research Experiment Builder, E-Prime, Presentation and any custom programming method.

Third Party Display Software / Hardware Integration

  • Easily add eye tracking functionality to existing projects in E-Prime, Presentation, MATLAB and Psychtoolbox, and more.
  • Sycnhronize eye movement recording with MRI / EEG / fNIRS / TMS and other recording equipment.
  • Add eye tracking functionality to stimulus display programs written in Python, C, C#, and other programming languages.
EyeLink II Specifications

Technical Specifications